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Paytm AI (PAI) Risk uses a powerful analytics framework to provide enterprises with a state-of-the-art machine learning engine that can comprehensively assess over 100 million global fraudulent transactions daily, and close to 1 million fraudulent transactions are prevented daily.

PAI Risk was developed in-house and is engineered to continuously learn and adapt to meet the challenges of the future. It is currently utilized in three countries: Canada, India and Japan.

Customized, full-service fraud detection and prevention solution.

  • Attributes: Single and multiple data points used to make fraud-based decisions. See examples of data feeds used for detecting transactional fraud and account takeover (ATO).
  • Advanced & Basic Rules: Customize rules, data points and features based on your business requirements.
  • Bring Your Own Model: We can host and embed your own supervised or unsupervised model.
  • Codeless Technology: Create a risk profile without any programming knowleddge.
  • Custom Rules: We can create a new ingestion source and a custom user defined function (UDF).
  • Data Agnostic Approach: We're flexible on how we ingest all your structured & unsctructed data from any source.
  • DIY: Sophisticated calculations that monitor everything a customer and/or merchant has performed within your ecosystem.
  • Real-Time Prevention: Block, flag or monitor suspicious transactions and high-risk customers and/or merchants in real-time.
  • Seamless Integration: Cloud-based architecture that can be deployed in your environment within a couple of weeks.

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