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Move past vanity metrics to uncover deeper value in your data.

PAI Analytics is a solution that allows you to explore and engage with massive amounts of data, collecting valuable insights on customer patterns and behaviours. By leveraging the power of machine learning and AI algorithms, your business can uncover deeper insights and hidden opportunities in your data to build trust, increase value, and boost loyalty. When you understand not just who your customers are, but what they do and why, you can create personalized customer journeys that make sense for them.

Open the door to better decision-making by bringing all your data into a single view and making every touchpoint impactful.

  • Embed analytics in the fabric of your company
  • Unlock optimized customer experiences
  • Turn touchpoints into revenue drivers

Deliver intelligent, personalized customer experiences with our Analytics solution.

  • You own your data: Maintain complete control of your business data by keeping your data in your cloud, where no one—including us—can access it.
  • Performance friendly: Our SDK is super light and we ensure that only the absolutely essential pieces are downloaded to the user's app or website.
  • Tested for scale: The real-time stream of data which is made available to multiple applications, has been tested for a few billion events per day.
  • Ready insights: Ready insights are available in formats proven to add value to high scale established businesses. You can also format your own dashboards and views.
  • Fully configurable model: Define the events you want to track and we make sure to provide you a fully configurable backend tailored to the unique requirements of your business.

PAI Analytics helps your business truly understand how your users behave, enabling you to drive growth and new revenue for your business.

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Gain complete control of your data in real-time.


Real-time tracking and reporting with a minimal SDK footprint.


No one (including us) will have access to your data.


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