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Paytm AI (PAI) Risk is an AI-powered fraud detection and prevention solution that proactively prevents and stops fraudulent activity in real-time to protect your bottom line and accelerate the growth of enterprise businesses.

PAI Risk uses a powerful analytics framework to provide enterprises with a state-of-the-art machine learning engine that can comprehensively detect over 100 million global fraudulent transactions daily, and close to 100,000 fraudulent transactions are prevented daily.

PAI Risk was developed in-house and is engineered to continuously learn and adapt to meet the challenges of the future. It is currently utilized in three countries: Canada, India and Japan.

Get smarter financial fraud protection with our Risk solution. Protect your brand from various types of fraud so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Transaction fraud: Prevent financial losses for your business and protect your bottom line with real-time detection of transaction fraud, while creating frictionless experiences for your customers and legitimate transactions.
  • Marketing Ad abuse: Ensure your promotions are being redeemed as intended, by real customers while preserving brand reputation and eliminating promo abuse.
  • Application fraud: Gain immediate protection from fraudulent applications across online and mobile channels.
  • Account takeover: Detect and prevent new and fast-evolving account takeover attacks, protecting and safeguarding the accounts of your existing customers.
  • Fake accounts: Protect every customer from day one and prevent downstream financial loss, by detecting and eliminating fake accounts at the point of creation.
  • Bot attacks: Smart bot detection using machine learning, accurately hunts out bots trying to attack your business.
  • Mule accounts: Detect mule accounts to help with anti-money laundering.
  • Return/order cancellation fraud: Detect customers abusing your return policy.
  • Merchant fraud: Detect ‘fake’ merchants frauding customers or stealing promotion money.

Customized, full-service anti-fraud software platform and support.

  • Customize rules, data points and features based on your business requirements
  • Easily view all activity in the Review Panel and access our built-in, customizable List Management
  • Get a clear picture using our intuitive visualization of transactional, behavioural and event-based activity within our unified user interface
  • Send real-time notifications to customers and merchants

Across different industry challenges and use cases, businesses trust Risk to prevent revenue leakage and protect them from evolving fraud. Our team of experts have a wide depth of industry experience to help you every step of the way in ensuring your unique business needs are always met.

Strengthen the security of your business from the unknown with smarter financial fraud protection.


Intuitive visualization of transactions, events and fraud protected.


Our ML Models are vigorously mastered over billions of transactions.


Deployable either on-premise, private or hybrid cloud.


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